Food for thought

Food for thought. My hunger for the truth and justice for my beloved homeland Ireland. After decades of biased, one-sided, pernicious propaganda peddled by Peter Hitchens, I would like decent and honourable people to have some insight into the actual facts about Ireland’s troubled history at the hands of a ruthless invader.

Great Irish Famine
In 1845 the potato crop failed due to blight. Most European countries were affected but Ireland was the only country that experienced famine on a catastrophic scale.

John Mitchell, a leading political writer at the time, wrote one of the first widely circulated tracts on the famine, The Last Conquest of Ireland (Perhaps) in 1861. It established the widespread view that the treatment of the famine by the British was a deliberate murder of the Irish, and contained the famous phrase: “The Almighty, indeed, sent the potato blight, but the English created the famine”.

Cecil Woodham-Smith, an authority on the Irish Famine, wrote in The Great Hunger: Ireland 1845-1849′ that no issue has provoked so much anger and embittered relations between England and Ireland as “the indisputable fact that huge quantities of food were exported from Ireland to England throughout the period when the people of Ireland were dying of starvation”. Ireland remained a net exporter of food throughout most of the five-year famine.

Charles Trevelyan, Secretary of the Treasury for Irish relief, stated that he personally considered the famine to be an “an effective mechanism for reducing surplus population”. At least a million people in Ireland died and some two million emigrated in a period of a little more than a decade (1845-55).

On the 27th April 1848, for his services to Ireland, which meets standard for the UN definition of genocide, Queen Victoria of England knighted Charles Edward Trevelyan.

Is this part of the British History you “feel a sense of pride in”, Mr. Hitchens ?


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